Workshop on NASA’s new earth monitoring satellite and sensor system

AusCover has announced the program for the two workshops it is organising with TERN on the newly launched Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite’s (VIIRS) processing software.

This workshop offers lectures and laboratory exercises that aim to give participants the essential tools for the reception, display and analysis of VIIRS satellite data, and an understanding of their applications in environmental monitoring. VIIRS is the primary terrestrial environmental monitoring sensor on board NASA’s long-awaited National Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project which was launched on 28 October.

Lectures will be delivered in PowerPoint, and the labs will use HYDRA to display the VIIRS data.

Here is the schedule.

Monday 9 am–12 pm 

Lecture 1: Fundamentals of radiative transfer in the Earth’s atmosphere

Spectral signatures from Earth
Transitioning from MODIS to VIIRS

Monday  2 pm–5 pm

Lab 1: Interrogating VIIRS multispectral data

Tuesday 9 am–12 pm

Lecture 2: VIIRS product suite (for land, ocean and atmosphere)
VIIRS DB characteristics
Introducing the Community Satellite Processing Package

Tuesday 2 pm–5 pm

Lab 2:  Demonstrating some VIIRS case studies

Wednesday 9 am–12 pm

Lecture 3: Summary and wrap-up
Lab 3: Looking at VIIRS real-time data   

The first workshop will be held in Perth from 6–8 February. The presenters will be Professor Paul Menzel and Dr Geoff Cureton, from the Space Science and Engineering Centre (SSEC) and the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) of the University of Wisconsin.

The second workshop will be held in Melbourne from 13–15 February. The presenters will be Professor Paul Menzel and Mr Liam Gumley, from SSEC and CIMSS.

For more information, contact Professor Mervyn Lynch.

Published in TERN e-Newsletter December 2011.

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