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Issue 77, June 2018
National Mangrove Data Portal; Threatened Species Index; New TERN Monitoring Sites; Global Ecosystem Observatory; TERN Volunteers; Vale John La Salle

TERN - Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network
June 2018
Director's update

Under the Federal Government’s new $1.9 billion Research Infrastructure Investment Plan, in response to the recommendations from the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, TERN will receive a capital injection of more than $5.1 million. Also arising from the May budget is an announcement that TERN, with considerable consultation, will undertake a two-year scoping study related to the National Environmental Prediction System.

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A national mangrove observing system

In a giant leap towards the creation of Australia’s first nationwide mangrove observing system, TERN has provided open access to decades of historical and newly acquired field and Earth observation data. These data alert scientists and managers to environmental change, allow them to understand the causes and impacts of this change to sustainably manage our valuable mangrove ecosystems, and enhance Australia’s contribution to the global Sustainable Development Goals.

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New sites fill spatial and climatic environmental
monitoring gap

TERN has added another 27 permanent plots to its national network of over 600 ecosystem surveillance sites. The new sites in New South Wales and South Australia represent the first nationally-consistent monitoring in an important climatic region and provide vital information to state government and not-for-profit conservation programs.

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Australia’s new Threatened Species Index: the ASX of conservation

Just as the ASX 200 tracks the trend of the financial world, Australia will soon have its own index for monitoring the trajectory of its threatened species. As the first of its type in the world, the index will provide reliable and robust measures of changes in biodiversity to support more coherent and transparent reporting and protection of threatened species.

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The potential for a Global Environmental Research Infrastructure

An ambitious ILTER-led workshop made the case for some 10 national ecosystem observatories, including TERN, to form a global environmental research infrastructure. Participants are
formalising the proposal for an LTER-based global research infrastructure by way of a statement in a scientific journal.

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People helping TERN: our fantastic volunteers

Join us in celebrating National Volunteer Week with a special thank you to all our field and lab volunteers who have already contributed over 2,000 hours in 2018. Meet some of them and find out how you too can help deliver our environmental research infrastructure and gain indispensable research skills and experience.

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Vale John La Salle

Last week our friend and colleague Dr John La Salle from CSIRO, long-time Director of the NCRIS-funded Atlas of Living Australia, died in an accident. We send our thoughts and best wishes to John’s family and all his colleagues across Australia’s wide ecological community.

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Key Dates
Ecoacoustics Congress
24 - 28 June 2018
TERN involved

useR! 2018
10 - 13 July 2018

International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Valencia, Spain
23 - 27 July 2018
TERN involved

Joint TERN OzFlux and AsiaFlux Workshop and Conference
20 - 26 August 2018
Hosted by TERN

Boston, USA
12 - 17 August 2018

ICOS Science Conference
Prague, Czech Republic
11 - 13 September 2018
TERN involved

ICRI 2018 - 4th International Conference on Research Infrastructures
Vienna, Austria
12 - 14 September 2018
TERN involved

Phenology 2018
23 - 27 September 2018

ForestSAT 2018
Maryland, USA
2 - 5 October 2018
TERN involved

TERENO International Conference 2018
Berlin, Germany
8 - 12 October 2018

Australian Geoscience Council Convention, AGCC 2018
14 - 18 October 2018
eResearch Australasia 2018
15 - 19 October 2018
TERN involved

ILTER Annual Conference
Taichung, Taiwan
15 - 19 October 2018
TERN involved

UN World Data Forum 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
22 - 24 October 2018

2018 National Private Land Conservation conference
24 - 26 October 2018

11th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium
Kyoto, Japan
24 - 26 October 2018
TERN involved

GEO XV Plenary
Kyoto, Japan
31 October - 1 November 2018
TERN involved

International Data Week 2018
Gaborone, Botswana
5 - 8 November 2018

Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference 2018
25 - 30 November 2018
Supported by TERN

ILTER Open Science Meeting 2019
Leipzig, Germany
2 - 6 September 2019
TERN involved

Soil Security and Planetary Health Conference
4 - 6 December 2018
TERN involved

29th International Congress for Conservation Biology, ICCB 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
21 - 25 July 2019
What is TERN?

TERN is Australia’s land ecosystem observatory. We observe and measure the cause and effect of ecosystem change—from site to continental scale—and deliver data streams that enable environmental research and management.
TERN delivers:
  • Ecosystem data and the programs to collect it including plot data from surveillance and targeted monitoring programs; gas, energy, and nutrient exchanges; remote sensing data; modelled data products about soil, climate, and landscape attributes; and vegetation and soil samples for physical analysis;
  • Tools for the research community including national consistent field methods, data collection apps, and data publishing tools; and
  • Data infrastructure that supports discovery, access, and re-use of ecosystem data collected by TERN and others.
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