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Join hundreds of people from around the world who stay informed through TERN webinars. Immerse, participate and learn from the experts as they present and discuss the latest ecosystem research, data, and conservation technology.

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The next TERN webinar

The next TERN Webinar is at 3pm AEST on Wednesday 4 September 2024.
The webinar topic will be ‘How useful are models in understanding land use change on  biodiversity trajectories?​’.

The latest available TERN webinar

3 July 2024 – Australia’s role in Calibrating and Validating Earth Observations from ground sites


  • Dr Matt Garthwaite
    CSIRO, AusCalVal and SAR Capability Lead

  • Emerita Professor Megan Lewis
    University of Adelaide, Emerita Professor

  • Dr William Woodgate
    University of Queensland, Principal Investigator, TERN-OzFlux Tumbarumba site


Ecosystem Observations Webinars

1 May 2024

Associate Prof. Ruth Reef, Madeline Goddard, Dr Tim Rawling

6 March 2024

Tanya Doody, Peter Isaac and Chris Cosgrove.


Ecosystem Observations Webinars

1 November 2023

Dr David Gwyther, (The University of Queensland)
Sam Provost (Australian National University)
Dr Rebecca Farrington (AuScope Ltd)

6 September 2023

Professor Adrienne Nicotra (Australian National University)
Professor Catherine Pickering (Griffith University)
Associate Professor Gwendolyn Peyre (Australian National University)
Professor Mark Hovenden (University of Tasmania)
Dr Jeronimo Vazquez-Ramirez (Deakin University)

3 May 2023

Professor Alan Andersen FAA (Charles Darwin University)
Dr Matthew Lott (Australian Museum)
Professor Simon Robson (Central Queensland University)

Q&A Report

1 March 2023

Professor Arko Lucieer (Remote Sensing – University of Tasmania)
Assoc Prof Daniel Ierodiaconou (Marine Science – Deakin University)
Assoc Prof Karen Joyce (Earth and Environmental Science – James Cook University)

Q&A Report


Ecosystem Observations Webinars

2 November 2022

Natasha Cadenhead (UQ), Adjunct Professor Mike Grundy, (TERN Specialist Advisor; Member, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists; Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney) & Professor Hugh Possingham, (TERN Advisory Board Chair; Professor, University of Queensland)

Q&A Report

7 September 2022

Dr Emma Spencer (WWF-Australia), Dr Myles Menz (JCU), Allyson Marpartida (CDU) & Assoc Prof Susan Fuller (QUT)

Q&A Report

6 July 2022

Dr Ashley Leedman, Dr Holly Sitters, & Dr Geoff Heard

4 May 2022

Dr Ben Macdonald, Prof Peter Grace & Dr Anna Hopkins

2 March 2022

Dist. Prof. Belinda Medlyn, Prof. Glenda Wardle & Dr Alistair Hobday


The Lyn Beazley AO 2021 Ecosystem Observations Webinar Series

1 December 2021

Eloise Nation, Dr Tim McVicar & Assoc. Prof. Sally Thompson

Q&A Report

6 October 2021

Dr Dan Metcalfe, Dr Xihua Yang & Dr Tim Wardlaw 

Q&A Report

4 August 2021

Prof. Andy Pitman, Dr Ivan Hanigan & Prof. Lauren Rickards 

Q&A Report

2 June 2021

Dr Ian Cresswell, Dr Anna Richards and Prof. Lindsay Hutley.

Q&A Report

7 April 2021

Dr Michelle Heupel, Dr Elisa Bayraktarov & Sharon Tickell.

Other Webinars

17 August 2021

A National Science Week event with Prof. Graciela Metternicht discussing how satellite info can solve Earth’s mysteries.

11 February 2021

Associate Professor Ben Sparrow, the Lead of TERN’s Ecosystem Surveillance platform, provides an update on the highlights and challenges of 2020 and a preview of the team’s plans for 2021. The webinar includes a brief introduction to TERN, its ecosystem surveillance monitoring infrastructure platform, and a summary of the work of the sub-teams within the group including research and development, field, technical, operations and communication.

OzFlux Ecosystem Exchange Webinar Series

18 August 2021

Estimating ecosystem respiration from flux tower and chamber data: insights from Cumberland Plain.

Dr Peter Isaac and Prof. Elise Pendall


4 May 2021

The ecological processes that shape Australia’s ecosystems.

Dr Jamie Cleverly

4 March 2021

Bioenergy crop fluxes and an a-maize-ing conundrum.

Dr Caitlin Moore


Ecosystem Observations Webinars

4 November 2020

Standardising environmental information collection: harmonising Australia’s approaches

Assoc. Prof. Ben Sparrow, Dr Sandra Walpole & Dr Teresa Eyre.

2 September 2020

Introducing TERN’s Queensland SuperSites and using TERN flux tower and satellite-derived data to improve evapotranspiration and groundcover modelling

Assoc. Prof. Will Edwards & Jo Owens,

1 July 2020

Effectively linking Australian Government with industry environmental monitoring using research infrastructure and research

Prof. Stuart Phinn, Dr Peter Scarth & Alexis McIntyre

OzFlux 20th Anniversary Conference

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of OzFlux—the TERN-supported Australian and New Zealand eddy-covariance flux research community.  This virtual conference celebrated and reflected on the achievements of OzFlux and its contributions to global flux science. It also examined lessons learnt and the future contribution of flux data to ecosystem forecasting capabilities.

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