Director’s Update – December 2021

We thank you, our newsletter readers, for opening our monthly stories and those in Australia and around the globe who participate in our webinars, use our data and acknowledge TERN in your publications.

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Looking back at TERN’s 2021 webinars

From water in our environment and Australia’s sea-change phenomenon to ecosystem resilience and climate modelling, TERN’s 2021 webinar series covered some of the nation’s biggest ecosystem science issues. If you didn’t get to see them, want to watch them again, or think a colleague might be interested, you can access recordings of all the webinars here.

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Old field restoration improves biodiversity and soils and large parts of Australia have huge potential to be remediated

Looking for some good environmental news? Join a team of scientists exploring the environmental restoration of unused agricultural land in Western Australia’s wheatbelt and around the world. Their findings, coupled with the global potential for positive impact, are cause for optimism. And, thanks to TERN data infrastructure, all their data are FAIR and ready to enable ongoing science and land management.

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Director’s Update – November 2021

There is now an opportunity for organisations and individuals to comment on the draft National Research Infrastructure Roadmap. To act as a resource for those who might be time challenged at this time of year but still keen to give feedback on the document, TERN will put some summary points taken from the draft Roadmap onto its webpage. All submissions, using the online form, must reach the Department of Education, Skills and Employment by 5pm AEDT on Wednesday 22 December.

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Centre Spotlight: The ANU Institute for Space

What we can learn about our continent’s environment from space, in concert with land-based monitoring, is vitally important to observing, understanding and sustainably managing Australia’s natural and social capital. This month’s spotlight is on the Australian National University (ANU) Institute for Space, or InSpace.

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Tour TERN’s rainforest monitoring SuperSite

Take a virtual tour of TERN’s environmental monitoring site in the rainforests of Yidinji land in Far North Queensland. Learn about the sensors, cameras and surveys used to monitor the ecosystem, its plants, animals and processes, providing data for researchers around the world.

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Next-gen DNA sequencing for improved environmental impact assessments

More than 150 vegetation samples collected by TERN monitoring have been used in a landmark genomics study of the plants of Western Australia’s Pilbara bioregion that will make environmental impact assessments and regulatory land use planning approval processes more reliable and efficient.

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TERN Science Advisory Committee welcomes Jim Walker

Indigenous ecosystem knowledge has a voice on TERN’s independent Science Advisory Committee with the appointment of Mr Jim Walker, a lecturer at The University of Queensland’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Jim has been involved in advocating for the rights of Indigenous Peoples for more than 25 years, both in Australia and internationally, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to TERN and its Science Advisory Committee of engaging with First Nations peoples to protect the health of our precious terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

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Verifying the accuracy of globally important space-based imagery

The ability of the world’s space agencies to deliver verifiable satellite imagery data is reliant on reference data collected on-ground at sites such as TERN’s Litchfield Savanna SuperSite in the Northern Territory. One of the world’s most important environmental monitoring sites, Litchfield supports global satellite environmental monitoring programs and is considered critical in ensuring that world-wide data products are accurate and reliable for Australia and beyond.

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afternoon in the Australian Bush.  Sunlight glowing golden on a eucalyptus sapling.

Delivering data to improve reporting on Australia’s environment

Australia’s national research infrastructures are working together to streamline access to integrated data for State of the Environment reporting and other environmental assessments. The collaborative …

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