Integrated Earth 2023 conference highlights the ambition of Australia’s Earth science community

Members of the earth science community from all over Australia came to Canberra in September to take part in a unique gathering – the Integrated ...
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Green energy

Predicting reserves of lithium

What is the link between TERN, Australia’s national ecosystem research infrastructure, and lithium, a chemical element Australia and many countries see as critical to their ...
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Global Environmental Observation workshop at the Hyytiälä historical forestry station

Director’s Update – June 2023

Travel, conferences, a new data set that highlights the ecological importance of micro-climates experienced along elevational transects, Australian data that reinforces the importance of taking ...
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TERN Data Update – microclimates in the tropics

This month we highlight microclimate data collected at TERN monitoring sites in Far North Queensland rainforests. The data sheds light on the climatic patterns in ...
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How does Australia’s annual environmental condition report compare globally?

After eight consecutive years of reporting on the trajectory of the nation’s natural resources and ecosystems, we reflect on the aims and achievements of Australia’s ...
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Ecologicial Society of Australia logo for the 2023 conference | Featured Image for 2023 Conference of the Ecological Society of Australia (ESA 2023).

Exciting updates for the Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) conference in Darwin – July 2023

We at TERN are once again delighted to be a conference sponsor and participate in the highly anticipated Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) conference, set ...
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Soil – the driver of carbon dioxide variability over Australia

For humans, the onset of the wet season in Australia can draw huge sighs of relief; it can also trigger a huge release of carbon ...
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Director’s Update – April 2023

We are busy organising our 3 May Webinar on bioindicators and our 26-27 July Science Symposium – we hope to see you at one or ...
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What is carbon neutral agriculture?

We asked Professor Peter Grace, of Queensland University of Technology’s School of Biology and Environmental Science, to talk to us about carbon-neutral agriculture, and specifically, ...
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What is an Eddy Covariance Flux Tower?

An Eddy Covariance Flux Tower (‘Flux Tower’) continuously measures gas exchange between the land surface (soil and vegetation) and the atmosphere. It can continuously monitor ...
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