Examples of above-ground woody biomass

TERN publishes new biomass and phenocam data sets

Among the many data sets that TERN manages and publishes, two more are now available. These include above-ground woody biomass and phenocam records, both collected since 2012.

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TERN makes NSW-government forest-monitoring data available for all

The New South Wales government has been collecting extensive forest-monitoring data, which it is now sharing via TERN. The data include invaluable structural, imaging and acoustic information essential for understanding forest processes.

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Soil carbon sequestration group photo

Flux research infrastructure helps industry monitor agricultural soil carbon sequestration

TERN is supporting an industry-funded Queensland University of Technology study about improving soil carbon-sequestration models. The study has already yielded new grazing strategies that make a difference.

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Wild Boar - pest fauna protocols

TERN producing Australian Pest Fauna Monitoring Protocols

A lack of data-collection standardisation makes for unclear results from fauna-management projects. To solve this, TERN, in partnership with the Australian Government, is developing standardised monitoring and data-collection protocols and tools.

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Pilbara woodland, Australia (TERN)

TERN supports commercialisation success

An Australian commercial remote-sensing product is helping environmental management. TERN’s data provides the validation that makes it all work.

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Director’s Update – May 2022

The 2021 Roadmap recommends step change to create world-leading environmental and climate infrastructure. Welcome to our Newsletter this May – the first since elections in …

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NSW water authority uses TERN data to track property water use

TERN data have provided greater water regulation for the NSW water authority (NRAR), allowing it to track property water usage thanks to complex remote-sensing techniques.

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TERN flux tower with monitoring sensors

Long-term flux data reveals role of ecosystems in climate change management

An Australian-New Zealand network of flux monitoring stations has been running for 21 years. A major paper reviewing its data found that global warming will periodically reduce the capacity of ecosystems to take carbon from the atmosphere.

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Global distribution of GERI sites

Federation of Global Ecosystem Research Infrastructure capabilities to address Earth’s grand challenges

The Global Ecosystem Research Infrastructure (GERI) has published its scientific rationale outlining how its federation of capabilities will, for the first time in history, allow scientists to tackle new societally and scientifically relevant questions at the global scale.

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Australian tropical rainforests, far north Queensland. Credit Alexander Shenkin

Climate, Forests and Nature

TERN is now custodian of a remarkable long-term data set from CSIRO that was used by an international team of researchers, including from Australia, for a major study published in the prestigious journal, Nature in May 2022.

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