TERN partners with newly launched Australian Mountain Research Facility

The world’s mountain ranges, including the Australian Alps, define the water catchments that drive our societies, sequester carbon in montane forests and organic soils, are ...
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Graphic of a hand reaching out to touch a hologram of earth | Featured Image for TERN Biennial Science Symposia page by TERN.

Index of TERN newsletter articles

Do you want to search all the way back to the beginning of TERN’s newsletters for a story you vaguely remember or maybe look for ...
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Oceania Ecological Forecasting Initiative (OEFI)

Interested in forecasting and prediction? The Oceania Ecological Forecasting Initiative is a grassroots regional group of individuals from Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia ...
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Fresh perspectives on paper daisy taxonomy

Twelve new species and a new genus of iconic Australian paper daisies are revealed with the help of TERN’s curated leaf tissue samples. The taxonomic ...
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Dr Peter Woodgate during his time on the TERN Advisory Board, 2010 - 2016

Vale Dr Peter Woodgate

A tribute to an exceptional leader in geospatial science and an exemplary former TERN Advisory Board member. Prepared by Dr Beryl Morris, Director, TERN Australia  Our ...
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credit: Jaana Dielenberg

Director’s Update – December 2022

As we farewell 2022 and with TERN’s recent Strategic Planning Workshop in Adelaide still on my mind, I can’t help but feel positive about the ...
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“Integrated Earth 2023”: save the date

The five Earth systems – geosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere – complexly interact to create a planet on which life evolves and has thrived. ...
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UAV Robson Creek

Digital Earth Australia tests TERN’s Robson Creek Rainforest SuperSite as a UAV validation site

The 25Ha forest dynamics plot at TERN’s Robson Creek Rainforest SuperSite monitors over 200 species of tropical rainforest trees and is valuable as a validation ...
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TERN's team in WA takes a break from fieldwork

New biodiversity transects established by TERN in Western Australia

TERN’s new infrastructure will better capture environmental changes across time and space for research on projecting and evaluating impacts of climate change in key transitional ...
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TERN’s Biennial Science Symposium – call for abstracts

The TERN Science Symposium 2023 is a forum for sharing transdisciplinary and traditional approaches to ecosystem science research, technological development, data system innovation, collaboration and ...
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