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Winter 2016

TERN’s national vegetation surveillance infrastructure and data is helping researchers monitor vegetation and better understand how climate change will affect ecosystems around the world.


TERN partners with Earthwatch to launch new citizen science trail

Are you a citizen scientist interested in documenting what’s happening in your local environment under a changing climate? Grab your smart phone and take a walk along a new joint TERN and ClimateWatch trail in North Queensland and become part of a national environmental monitoring program.


People using TERN: Wouter Maes

A European Commission Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow has used TERN’s research infrastructure to produce extremely high-resolution maps of vegetation water use efficiency that can be used to assess drought and climate change induced effects on ecosystems.

Australian SuperSite Network





The Australian SuperSite Network (ASN) is a national network of multidisciplinary ecosystem observatories. The ASN includes ten SuperSites that each represent a significant Australian biome. The network covers all States and Territories and spans a wide range of environmental conditions.

Each SuperSite hosts an OzFlux tower, and researchers also undertake intensive collection of various ecosystem measurements including detailed data sets on flora, fauna and biophysical processes. Through this work, the ASN aims to improve our understanding of ecosystem response to environmental change. Work underway throughout the ASN also complements the capabilities of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network (LTERN).





The Australian SuperSite Network:



Intensive data collection:



Sub-Facility Director:

Associate Professor Mike Liddell
James Cook University



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