Huntsman Spider. Credit: Tamara Potter

Night of the hunter: using cameras to quantify nocturnal activity in desert spiders

Technological advances in ecology are facilitating a deeper understanding of the habits of nocturnal hunting spiders in Australia. For her honours year, TERN project officer ...
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Updated TDDP

TERN Data Discovery Portal update brings new features

The latest version 5.0 update for TERN’s Data Discovery Portal (TDDP) has finally been released, bringing along with it some brand new features that improve ...
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Luke Finn and Nikki Francis Martin holding soil samples | Featured Image for Australian Ecological Treasure - New National Facility Opens page by TERN.

Australian ecological treasure – new national facility opens

TERN Soil Scientist Luke Finn and Field Officer Nikki Francis-Martin with soil samples in the new facility. Image: Nicolas Rakotopare, TERN On the 8th of ...
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Photo of a lady standing in front of scientific equipment in the outback | Featured Image for Tour TERN's Outback Monitoring Supersite Page by TERN.

Tour TERN’s outback monitoring SuperSite

Take a virtual tour of TERN’s environmental monitoring site in the outback of central Australia in the Northern Territory. Learn about the sensors, cameras and ...
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NCRIS and TERN Collaboration Banner | Featured Image for TERN Celebrates National Science Week with NCRIS Collaboration Page by TERN.

TERN celebrates national science week with NCRIS collaboration

This year, TERN collaborated with the 26 facilities supported by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), by showcasing brief snapshot videos of ...
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Photo of group of people standing in front of a large tree | Featured Image for Directors Update - August 2022 Page by TERN.

Director’s Update – August 2022

Welcome to the August 2022 TERN eNewsletter featuring six diverse stories. The stories on the launch of a new camera trapping community (WildObs), and the ...
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Vegetation and carbon isoscape of Australia | Featured Image for a Vegetation Carbon Isoscape for Australia page by TERN.

A vegetation carbon isoscape for Australia

Quickly and easily download detailed maps depicting C3 and C4 plant cover and the stable carbon isotope values of vegetation, known as a δ13C isoscape, for all ...
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Close up photo of a man with soil in his hands | Featured Image for Living Soils in Agriculture Page by TERN.

Living soils in agriculture

Dr Anna Hopkins discusses the abundant life found in soils and how this is important for agriculture.
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EcoAssets Banner | Featured Image for Streamlined Date for Environmental Reporting Page by TERN.

Streamlined data for environmental reporting 

In collaboration with our partners ALA and IMOS, we invite you to explore our new shared data platform, EcoAssets. In November 2021, we reported on ...
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Wildobs Australia Banner | Featured Image for WildObs page by TERN.

Observing vertebrate wildlife using camera trapping

TERN has been supporting wildlife monitoring experts in the launch of WildObs, Australia’s wildlife observatory. WildObs will standardise the collection and processing of data sourced ...
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